Career Hive

Career Hive is an upcoming web platform to provide Education organisations a means to prepare Tertiary Education students for the workforce and help them secure employment. This allows the gap between students, employers and institutions to be bridged.

Features include career training, job listing & seeking, and allowing students to connect with institution staff for mentoring and help.


  • Figma
  • Canva
  • JIRA

Personal Roles

  • Project management
    In addition to the current UX roles, I am partially involved in project management. Tasks include overseeing and mentoring with designer interns and colleagues, and communicating with the project owner to present ideas and outcomes.
  • Acting liaison for Offshore team
    Because my team was focused on design instead of programming, we worked with an offshore group of programmers who are building the website and functions on the back end. My tasks include refining design prototypes, communicating design intents to them as well as providing design feedback and quality assurance for the front-end previews.
  • Designing UX, screens and prototypes
    Some of the key screens & functions I primarily designed include the Careers Advisor, Home Page, and many other public pages. In addition, I created a near fully functional interactive prototype of the entire platform.
  • Designing Promotional Material
    In addition to web design, I am also tasked with creating the layout and visual assets of Career Hive’s presentation material, in the interest of prospective institutions. Contents include brochures and presentation slides.